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What is ISO 27001?

ISO 27001 is the most widely regarded standard for information security helping organisation protect their information and that of their clients. This standard asks organisations to formally manage the risks that they face and to implement a set of wide reaching controls covering topics such as building security, network security and business continuity.

Why do I need ISO 27001?

  • Successful certification to ISO 27001 can demonstrate to your clients that you take information security seriously
  • By implementing ISO 27001 within your organisation you can help protect your business from the threat of cyber crime
  • ISO 27001 can help you comply with corporate governance requirements
  • With ISO 27001, you can minimise the risk that your information will be lost or corrupted as a result of human error.

How can ISO Consultants help?

At ISO Consultants Ltd we can:

  • Help examine your organisation’s information security risks, taking into account identified threats, vulnerabilities and impacts and assist in creating your risk register,
  • Create and implement information security controls to address your identified risks that are deemed unacceptable
  • Develop management process to ensure that the information security controls in place continue to meet your organization’s information security needs on an ongoing basis.

What should I do next?

Contact ISO Consultants Ltd for a free, no obligations quote

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